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Available in Spanish or two different levels in English (Set I and Set II)
1 Decide which words to teach, then introduce 2-5 at a time.

2  Once students can read all of the words in an arc, congratulate them with an award certificate*. Give students their own blank rainbow* to color in after they "pass" each level. *Blackline Included

3 Next, challenge your students to learn the words in each color until they have mastered the entire rainbow!
Common Core
 Reading Standards
K,1,2 Special Needs

Each Rainbow Words Package Includes: 18"x34" Gloss coated rainbow board, high frequency sight words, Velcro adhesives, Parent letters and progress forms in Spanish & English, plus award certificates, teacher tips and more for only $28+ S&H!

Click here to customize a student progress sheet!.

Make a Cloud and Raindrop board to keep track of your students' progress.

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